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Back at you- what does Lilthessa think of Nik now that they've met?

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This man is quite intriguing, as so many of those that have been previously sworn to the Lich King. His aura is not too hard to distinguish however, as it seems this man holds himself in sort of righteous air.  It’s a confidence that comes in knowing that death can not harm, a fear that so many cling onto in living.

He seemed polite enough during the session, I couldn’t help but chuckle at his enthusiasm for his fortune. A superstitious knight of the ebon blade is hard to find these days, and yet I am glad that he did not raise his weapons against me. I had that happen once, a few years back, when I told a tale someone did not really wish to hear.

I feel that should he heed my advice the world will take notice, as the shadows always gather around those of likeness. If he comes back again, I will gladly read for him, but I should strengthen my wards around my shop just for additional security measures…

Overall, he seems the loyal man to the causes he deems are just, but those that betray him may face the icy grasp that so lingers within his spirit.

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♥ :Name one thing about the way their emotions work that they despise.

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This will be one you’d be quite familiar with Nik xD - for another emotion he at times despises is his pride.  In fact, it’s a two edged sword for him.

On the plus side, in his view at least, it helps him assert his wishes upon others more freely. It pushes him into taking a leadership role, thinking he is one of the few who knows how best to handle situations of the delicate nature. Others look to him due to the way he talks, the way he holds himself, and the way he reacts. This only buffs his pride, encouraging more of it. Which leads to the downside.

His pride can get him and his friends into trouble at times. Causes him to become stubborn around those who he thinks unrightfully attempts to impose their authority over him. Blood Knights, nobles, and possibly a certain death knight, doesn’t matter who to him. Even when he knows he’s getting into shit, his pride will keep him digging his hole deeper.

However, he has finally recognized this, and sees it as a potential problem. Will it change anything? Hard to say at this point. 

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Very interesting!  I’m curious to see where this realization takes him.  …If anywhere.  XD

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If something burns your soul with purpose and desire, it’s your duty to be reduced to ashes by it. Any other form of existence will be yet another dull book in the library of life.
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#Moth's Dream

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The Captain’s Daughter by reylia-slaby on Flickr.


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If Fey had the option to get rid of her Sight for good- no strings attached, no exchanges- would she do it? Why or why not?

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This is a great question because it really shows how warped Fey’s mind has become by her past. The scars on her hands and neck are proof enough that Feythril once tried to get rid of her Sight. Like you pointed out before, seeing ghosts may be thought of as a cool and unique talent, but to Feythril it was her nightmare for a long time. She didn’t choose to be this way, and I think by the time she actually “fixed” it, it was too late. The damage to her personality had already been done. She felt like this was her place now and she was special because she could see things no one else could. Not only that, but with the entire affair completely demolishing her ability to socialize with others effectively, her Sight became the only way she could get to know someone—whether they wanted her to or not.

It was a gradual change from her hating everything about her new found powers to adoring them—relying on them. She became obsessed with people and the intricacies of their inner beings.  Nikk has seen glimpses on several occasions of this obsession and, in a way, he was the one who sort of broke her out of that. He is the one who told her she needed to stop invading people’s lives. His words are something she still holds to and so it’s kept her a safe distance from the deep end. But that desire is still there. And the fact that she can do this has morphed into pride. She is proud of her abilities and how she has managed them in her life. 

It’s what she’s good at and she believes that it really makes her who she is. That is why she got so upset at Keth’Aelsar for rejecting her because she added new runes to her body. What he saw as scars, she saw as taking a curse and making it her own. Controlling it and honing it into something even more beautiful.

She would absolutely never get rid of her Sight unless it were like a life and death situation or if it came down to her Sight versus saving one of her friends. It would be as detrimental to her as deciding to end her own life.

This is a really fascinating response.  Thank you!

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