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A letter to Nikkitah, Sealed with Blood.


High lord,

I was writing to see if our Session is still set for tuesday ad 6:00? and if so please let me know. Thank you in advance. I think after tonight’s bad news about someone i deeply care about, received bad news, and it cam from me and Rakumi, I could use some advice. But anyways the main thing at this point is if i am still scheduled to come see you At the same time as last visit?


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A letter to Nikkitah Slipped under his office door


Highlord ~

My bother is dead…By his own hand…

My brother is dead.

I am sitting in a room by my self, whining about my tragic life, and my brother just shoved a sword through his own heart.

I will be continuing sessions, but I think my time here needs to come to an end, and I need to live in the now, instead of then. 



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(Letter) To Ariadine

To Ariadine,

Best I can do is next Thursday at six.  The schedule is kind of insane and it’s even worse because this weekend is the Forum and I know I’ll probably need Sunday to relearn how to breathe.

I’m sorry.  I don’t know why there are so many.

Is that alright?

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And I’ll stand by her side no matter what she does or says.

I’m sorry, what? You’ll stand by her side no matter what? So she could murder children, roast men alive, and jump off a cliff and that would all be fine? Extreme examples I know, but darling, this sort of thinking is dangerous….

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Honestly, what a vapid little fool.

'Boys will be boys'? Oh, isn't that a charming little line? Often heard after some 'rowdy boy' has done something horrific to some poor, dear girl who 'must have done something'. I do hope she gives those slack jawed apes of her’s a stern talking to, but some…

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(Snippet II )

I guess some things never change.

Was just standing on the stoop this time, working up to go in and see Evie.

Felt bad for snapping at her.  Wasn’t her fault.  Was just bad timing.  Same time as Nefreat’s conversation in defense of raising her children in a brothel.  Just a touchy, touchy subject.

Some guy came out with Riesse saying she loved him as he left.  Then they all started coming out.  Wanted to know what I was doing there.  “Loved” guy threatened to shoot us.  I think “Empty his rifle” was the phrase he used.  Called me a “dead piece of trash”.  Riesse showed no reaction.  As usual, she went deaf.

I drew her attention to the irrationally hostile greeting, and her words were… well.  I don’t know why I’m still surprised anymore.

"Yes, you do have that effect on people, Nikk."

thanks for reminding me.

I half-heartedly questioned the idea of having a hostile, prejudiced man brandishing a gun at random people working at the registry, and Riesse did her typical maneuver of defending his right to “his opinion”, and conveniently ignoring my comments about how this is a public office, not her house.  How it should be safe for people to go there, not get confronted by a hostile clique.  The burned guy inside was even asking how he could most effectively insult me. 

She seemed to think that apologizing, after the comment she’d made, and after he kept making them behind her, was somehow just going to…  Make everything better somehow.  Like I wouldn’t notice that she hadn’t disputed what he said, or that she didn’t seem bothered by it at all.  That she wasn’t actually standing up for me at all, and seemed completely blase about the whole thing.  Guess it’s because of that “love” thing.  Guess he gets to do whatever.

I just walked away. 

Seems like I can’t go anywhere anymore. 

It’s like I told Evie.  We used to be friends.  Now?  Yeah…. no.

And to think, the last time we wrote, she still claimed we were.  I guess her definition of friendship is much looser than mine.  She treats me like a stranger at best.  Like she’s amused to see them harassing me, otherwise. 

I walked away.  Am in the Row for now, but I’m not staying here.  Think I’m going back to the office.  Think I just want to be alone.

Think things are better that way.

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(Snippet 2)


I don’t understand…what did I do…?

I didn’t do anything wrong…did I?

Being hired…was it a bad idea?

I don’t understand…

I just want to disappear….


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So I see Riesse isn’t done poaching my friends yet.  Apparently Evie’s absence is because she, too, has been hired to that obnoxious clique in the registry.  Hired on by that sneering unprofessional shitwit Voltos, no less.

Fuck it.  Might as well count her dead, for as much as I’ll see her now. 

that place changes people.

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Reply to Nikkitah


Well if a cat was pregnant it would result in kittens, so. There’s my line of thinking there. Kind of wish there were kittens. Not that I need anymore cats.

Uh, all things considered, I think I’m okay. I suppose I’m always okay, in the end in some way or another. Stuff happened. I’d prefer to talk face to face than over letter.

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The days and weeks leading up to the Forum tomorrow have been trying to say the least. The disturbance at the fundraiser Gala my daughter held was atrociously unnerving, it is my hope that in Nikkitahs absence he has found solitude in his endeavors and returns to us in a manner in which he…

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